America Connection
You are probably perplexed as to why there should be a page called America on this website which is about a small village in Wales.  One word links Rhandirmwyn and America and that is mining.  The hard rock lead miners were well suited to work in the anthracite mines of America and in the mid to late1800’s many left for a better life in this wonderful place full of promises and wealth.  You would be surprised as to how many left this beautiful valley to start a new life there.  Most settled in the State of Pennsylvania in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre which were anthracite mining areas.  Others settled in other states also.  If you are a descendant or relative of anyone who left this area then I would love to hear from you.  Are you searching for relatives who left for America, or are you living there or anywhere else for that matter and looking for your ancestors who originated from Rhandirmwyn or the upper Tywi (Towy) valley.  Let me have your story.

Many who left ended up as miners but others went in search of other vocations and did very well.  Here are the stories of some of these people.  There are many more which will be included in due course.