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Tom Lewis Photographer.  We owe so much to Tom for without him and others like him we would not have the wonderful images of life in the Upper Tywi Valley over the past 100+ years.  We hope the website goes some way in paying him the recognition he richly deserves.  View his photographs and consider the effort it took to carry a heavy plate camera and wooden tripod to some very inhospitable places.  I for one am so glad he did.
Old School – Here we have the history of Rhandirmwyn School as defined by Dafydd Dafis the last headmaster.  We also have some wonderful photographs of pupils throughout the years.  At one time there were over 100 pupils.  When it closed there were only three.  Where did everyone go?

Genealogy  – this is a new addition and results from innumerable requests from people in the U.K., Australia and America for information relating to their ancestors who eminated from the Rhandirmwyn area.  We will include your family history if you wish and we will do all we can to help trace your ancestors.

America – it is incredible the number of people who left Rhandirmwyn to start a new life in America.  Many went to the mines of Pennsylvania and settled in the towns of Wilkes-Barre and Scranton. Are you a descendant. If so let us know your family story.  

Twm Sion Câti – Thomas Jones was a highwayman who later became a nobleman.  He is a legendary figure in Welsh History and had a close association with Rhandirmwyn and the Upper Tywi Valley.  He was born in Tregaron in about 1530 but legend has it that he hid in a location near to Ystradffin Farm, Rhandirmwyn which has become known as Twm Siôn Cati’s cave.

Nantymwyn Lead Mine - was one of the largest and most productive mines in southern Wales and at one time employed over 400 people.  It is believed that the Romans were the first to mine for ore in the hills above Rhandirmwyn although there is evidence that they may have been worked long before the Romans.

Red Kite – The Upper Tywi Valley is the true home of this magnificent bird of prey.  Through much of the twentieth century this was its only haven throughout Britain.  It was the farmers and people of this valley along with the Welsh Kite Trust, RSPB and enthusiasts who saved this bird from extinction.  It is the National Bird of Wales and rightly so.

Llyn Brianne Reservoir – now dominates the Upper Tywi Valley.  Built in 1973.  There was much opposition to this project.  Read here about the battle to prevent the scheme going ahead.  It makes interesting reading.

Gallery  – here you will see old and new photographs of Rhandirmwyn and the surrounding area.  We are continually adding to this page.  Some photographs were taken around 1900 and give a wonderful insight into life here at that time.

Contact – There are various methods of contacting us Message Pad, Facebook, Twitter(coming soon) and Youtube.  We also have e.mail.  We would like any information (e.g. family history research), photographs stories you may have and any comments about the website.  

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Photographic memories of a bygone age - Rhandir-mwyn and the Upper Tywi Valley: A selection of bygone images.

This new hard cover book by Alun Jones contains nearly 200 photographs and anecdotes give an insight into life in Rhandir-mwyn over the past hundred years or so.  The publication will be available soon at book shops and outlets in the Upper Tywi Valley as well as via the author at  alun@rhandirmwyn.net  (Tel: 01656 773266)

The official launch will be at 7.30 p.m. on Friday 14th August 2015 at The Castle Hotel, Llandovery.  Everyone welcome.

Price: £15. Find Out More

Rhandirmwyn – is a village set in the beautiful upper Tywi valley of North East Carmarthenshire.  View here pages on interesting people who were born in or have been associated with Rhandirmwyn.  The history and photographs of chapels and churches and old photographs.