Nantymwyn Lead Mine The Dry
This street of 3 cottages was originally a building used by the mining company. It was near the Lower Boat level entrance through which most of the ore and waste was extracted. The building was divided into a smithy, a drill store and an open sided shed where the workmen’s clothing were hung up to dry. (conditions within this mine were very wet). This place was known by the workmen as 'The Dry,' and has continued to this day. It was in the late 1920’s that the building was altered into 3 cottages namely, Ty Newydd, Ger-y-Nant, and Brynawel.
Running along the front of the Dry and past St Barnabas church is the ‘Dram Road’. It ends at a location locally known as the Crusher. It was along this route that the drams laden with ore and waste were towed by horse and donkey to the crusher. It was here the rock was crushed and the lead and other ore was removed. It is known that during the late 1700's the ore was carried in boats along a canal to the crushing plant. These boats when laden weighed 5 tons.
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