Llyn Brianne
Fanog was for generations a family run hill farm in the Upper Tywi Valley.  Eventually it was taken over by the Forestry Commission.  Conifer trees were planted on the land and the farm fell into obscurity.  In 1973 it disappeared under the water of Llyn Brianne Reservoir to be lost for ever – or so we thought.  Not quite so.  On a very few occasions during some dry periods the level of the water in the reservoir has receded so far that the remains of Fanog have emerged from its eerie grave and it has become a place of pilgrimage for many.  

On this page we have photographs of the Fanog Farm in its original state and others when it was about to disappear under Llyn Brianne for the first time and of course the rest are of it having emerged from under the water.  

You will also see photographs of Fanog Gorge which was a location near the farm where the river Tywi had cut its path through the rocks.  In places you could step across the river with ease.  These photographs were taken by Tom Lewis, Bryntowy, Rhandirmwyn in the early 1900’s.  

Coming soon….more about the history of Fanog and some stories about its past, some of which may surprise you.