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A B C D E F Churches and chapels A: Capel Peulin, Ystradffin.  Originally owned by the Cistercian Monks of Strata Florida this has been a place of worship since the 12th century.  This little church is set in the hills above Rhandirmwyn.  A place of tranquillity and beauty. B: St Barnabas church, Rhandirmwyn – built in 1877 by the architect John Loughborough Pearson with money provided by the Earl Cawdor.  It is still in use today. C: Capel Bwlch-y-Rhiw, Rhandirmwyn – built in 1717 this little chapel is still a place of worship today. D: Capel Soar-y-mynydd, Cwm Camddwr, Upper Tywi valley.  This is the most remote chapel in Wales if not the whole of Britain.  It has a long association with Rhandirmwyn people, in particular those who lived and still live in the hills above the village. E: Capel Salem, Rhandirmwyn – No longer a place of worship and is now a private dwelling.  Its history is synonymous with the evacuees whose school was housed there during the second World War. F: Capel Seion, Rhandirmwyn – this chapel is still worshiped in today and its history is being researched.